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Welcome to Skinny Kitty Investing!

Skinny Kitty Investing is for you, all of you.  All of you who want to make some money without working for it.  This site and our book, Skinny Kitty Investing:  How to make Hundreds in the Stock Market, reaches out to the most naive of investors to tell them why they need to be invested in the stock market and how they can do it on their own.

This is not a joke, this is not a gimmick, this is not throwing a dart at a stock board.  We got tired of giving our money to the professionals only to see them shrink our assets while still getting paid their fees.  We found out we can do it on our own without degrees in finance and without complicated algorithms.  We have written a guide that anybody with a high school education and internet access can use to invest on their own.  It’s simple, fast and easy to find stocks that can out perform your savings account or CDs or maybe even your 401(K).